Blind Series

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5 thoughts on “Blind Series

  1. Do you know the official designation names of all the variants? Super7 used to have them listed but not they’ve removed most of the MOTU stuff so they are nowhere to be seen. I know Skeletor was Skeletor (Midnight), Man-At-Arms (Metallic), and I think Beast Man was Beast Man (Ghost) and Mer-Man (Invisible).


    1. Once upon a time I did. I changed them on the Checklist to reflect how they were listed on the complete* lists found on the backs of Battle Cat and Panthor. I don’t think Super7 is super-interested in super-consistency. That information is lost to me at the moment, but it’s out there with enough digging! Good luck!


    2. It was bugging me so I tried to find it. You’re right — Super7 pulled everything MOTU! So I hit a dead end there. I couldn’t find a press release, so these listings were as close as I could get:
      They confirm your findings and match my memory. I hope this helps!


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